For Educators

Each year, the Alaska Marine Science Symposium hosts several activities related to scientific communication, education, and outreach. These activities are intended for interested educators, scientists, students, and scientific communicators. With over 800 scientists, policy makers, resource managers, and scientific communicators all convening for marine science in Alaska, it is a perfect opportunity to leverage resources and create opportunities for indviduals interested in scientific communication.

AMSS organizers have created an "Ocean Week" centralized around the symposium for educators. All week long, there will be marine-themed opportunities for educators to learn more about the science being presented during the symposium. Details about these activities are below.


Communicating Ocean Sciences Workshop



Scientists in the Classroom



Course Credits Offered to School District Teachers


Ocean Sciences Educator's Night

For the past ten years, the workshop event organizers have provided practical information, great speakers and information on current best practices in education, outreach and media. This year we will provide strategies for communicating science to Alaska school and community audiences in ways that it can be immediately used and applied. This will be followed by time in break-out sessions to delve into the practical “how tos” of these approaches to improve your efforts. The workshop is sponsored by the North Pacific Research Board, Alaska Sea Grant, Alaska Ocean Observing System, and the Alaska Fisheries Science Center. Click below for more information. Open to the public and free, upon registration.

Hundreds of scientists convene each year to attend the Alaska Marine Science Symposium—most of whom have outreach/broader impact requirements that need to be fulfilled. The Anchorage School District and NOAA's Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC) have teamed up to provide classroom opportunities for scientists and teachers to coordinate, share, and connect during Ocean Week. For those interested, scientists and teachers alike, click on the button below. 

For the first time, teachers who participate in AMSS activities will have the opportunity to earn credit hours through a new course offered by the Anchorage School District. Teachers will be asked to participate in 15-hours of conference activities which include, but are not limited to, the Communicating Ocean Sciences Workshop, attendance at the plenary speakers, and poster session. More details to follow. If interested, please contact, STEM Coordinator, Deborah Greene for details.

Educators and scientists - Please join us Tuesday, 5:30-7:30 m in the Quadrant Room of the Captain Cook Hotel for the Ocean Science Week Educator Night, which will feature short presentations and Q&A with educators on connecting with scientists through Skype, Google hangout, and other methods. Find out more about K-12 educational resources relevant to Alaska's marine ecosystems. (Required session for AMSS professional development course for teachers)