Don't miss an event! Google Calendar users can copy workshop events to your calendar. Download PDF of Captain Cook Hotel Floor Plan.

*Please note the calendar is not fully up to date. We appreciate your understanding as we work to correct this.

Scheduling information

The deadline for reserving space for workshops and other non-plenary sessions has passed. If you have questions about a workshop you have already reserved, contact Ellen Tyler, Workshops Coordinator.

  • Session title
  • Approximate number of people expected to determine room size
  • Preferred date or time we will work with you to find a time that avoids overlap with similar sessions
  • Session length
  • Contact name and email

We realize you may not yet have all the details for your session, but we can add you to the list. The AMSS Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse requests for meetings that fall outside the scope of the event.

My session is open to the public. What is provided?

The AMSS Organizing Committee is happy to provide complimentary meeting space for your session. Audiovisual equipment is not provided. Organizers should contract directly with the venue to arrange for ordering and payment for any desired refreshments.

My session is a private meeting for a select group. What is provided?

Organizers of private meetings must furnish their own audiovisual equipment.  Contract directly with the venue to arrange for ordering and payment for refreshments.