Student Presentation Awards

Judging Criteria (here)


Students (high school, undergraduate, masters or doctoral level) who will be attending the Symposium and presenting their own research will be considered for cash awards.

Student oral presentations and judging will occur during the regular daytime plenary sessions.

Student poster presentations will occur and be judged during evening poster receptions at the Dena'ina Center.  Students should be sure to attend their posters during the assigned session so that the judges can speak with you about your work!  Check the Poster Program on the AMSS home page to confirm your assigned time.

Oral presentation are strictly limited to 15 minutes, including time for questions and transition to the next speaker -- which means that you effectively have 10-12 minutes for your talk. See our tips for giving a great talk at the Symposium.


We are still looking for people to help judge student presentations. If you're interested in helping out, contact Marilyn Sigman for more information.